My Music

Here Are My Different Active Projects

In the summer of 2005, I founded Ramzailech together with my high school class-mate Amit Peled.

What has began as a school band playing traditional tunes, became to now days Heaviest Sound of Hardcore-Klezmer. 


I had my first  'Modern Klezmer' adventures with Ramzailech.

Ramzailech released so Far 2 Cd's, we made tours in Europe (Mailnly in Germany), and Asia.

Ramzailech 1st Album
Ramzailech 2nd Album
Photo: Torsten Geyer
Di Gasn Trio

In 2013, I met Yanush Hurwitz in the halls of the Jerusalem Music Academy. Since then We are preserving and creating, new Balkan and Klezmer music together, having super fun moments of music and friendship.

Di Gasn Trio, is actually Di Gasn Quartet, as we are 4 musicians, Who had the luck of spreading klezmer music around the Globe. From Taiwan, through China, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, and Europe. among them, the Biggest World exhbition - EXPO 2017 in Kazakhstan, Being the opening act for several Klezmer Festivals, including the first Klezmer Festival in Astana (Nur-sultan city), in Kazakhstan. playing in The Idan Raichel prestigious 'live-Festival' in 2018.

Di Gasn Trio Albums
Photo: Gaya's Photos
Gal Klein Klezmer Kapeyla

If you grow up in the middle east you can not ignore the Oud, the most typical Arabian instrument.

Combining my Klezmer and Yiddish Melodies with Middle Eastern flavours is my next big project. 


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Photo by Alon Matzkin